Editorial Policy

Language, frequency, availability: Studia Philosophica e-Journal is to come out in English at irregular intervals. It will appear in electronic form on this web-page chiefly as single-issue volumes.

Submission. Authors wishing to publish a paper are advised to submit them (in draft form if they wish) to an open e-discussion related to the topic covered by one of the planned volumes (see panels). The text should be send to the moderator(s) of the panel or to any of the editors of SPe-J. During the course of discussion the articles may be improved upon.

Acceptance. In order for an article submitted for publication in SPe-J to be accepted for publication, its final version has to attract comments from recognized experts on the issues it covers. The comments should be presented in the form of a note that might be published along with the paper. Commentators can be invited both by the author and the editor(s) of the volume in which the paper is intended to appear.

Archive: All materials obtained during the creation of individual SPe-J volumes will be moved to the archive section following the publication of the relevant volume.

Copyright: will be established in the name of the author. If SP-eJ is the initial place of publication the author is requested to mention this fact any time the paper is published anew.

Access to e-version and purchase of hard copies: Initial volumes of SP-eJ will be accessible to the registered readers for free. Later volumes are planned to be accessible for a very low fee. To order hard copies of SP-eJ write to SP-eJ [at] pszczola . fr . pl

Contacts: SP-Forum [at] ifispan.waw.pl with name of the moderator/editor in the subject