SP-Forum Group

Membership in the SP-Forum Group is open to philosophers and scientists with a PhD. Other individuals may apply for membership by sending a recommendation of at least one of the members of the group.

Membership is necessary for getting a login account which allows one to participate in Panels and to use Free Forum in order to communicate with the visitors of the SP-Forum page about activities or events that might be of their interest.

The directory of SP-Forum Group is composed of short "bio-notes" (not more than 300 characters with spaces, excluding web addresses and email addresses) that should take the following form: Academic title, Name, Recent affiliation, Area of interest, Selected activities and/or achievements. Optional: the address of one’s personal webpage, as well as one’s e-mail address.

To check the number of characters, highlight the note (without addresses) and use the functions “tools” and then “statistics”. Example: this note is composed of 171 characters with spaces.

Members of the SP-Forum Group interested in including any additional information about themselves, notably in order to invite others to take part in some of their activities, may do so by placing a suitable note in the section “More about members of the SP-Forum Group”.

In order to apply for membership, create an account and write to majordomo [at] s-p-f . org.